1.  Safety

It is safer to use compressed air tools as opposed to electric tools because there is the possibility of experiencing an electric shock. There are certain working environments where electric tools are hazardous to use whereas compressed air tools are much more versatile.

2.  Power

Compressed air tools are predominantly more powerful than electric tools but do not consume as much energy. They also tend to be lighter to hold meaning that workers are able to comfortably work with them for longer periods of time.

3.  Speed

Compressed air tools have higher RPM (revolutions per minute) as well as higher torque (turning or twisting force) which results in completing a job much faster than with electric tools.

4.  Quick Change

Due to quick release couplings, it is a simple and swift task to swap over air tools.

5.  Theft

Unlike compressed air tools, electric tools are easy to steal and sell on quickly by thieves. Compressed air tools require an air compressor in order to be used are therefore less likely to be stolen. Electric tools can be used straightaway.