If you work in an industry that requires the use of an air compressor, you are probably aware of the importance of dry air in your machine. If there is too much moisture in your air compressor, it might well harm your machine, which can have a detrimental impact on its performance and even ruin projects – or the machine itself. This will naturally cost time and money to sort out, so it’s worth making sure the problem doesn’t arise in the first place.

This is why air dryers are so useful for your air compressor. One common type is the refrigerant air dryer, which makes use of a liquid refrigerant to condense moisture into water that can then be drained away. This makes use of something called the dew point, which is the point at which water vapour starts to condense into liquid water.

There are different refrigerant air dryers available, to take account of the fact that different air compressors have different dew points and work slightly differently. This means it is important to make sure you have the right air dryer for your machine so it will work as efficiently as possible and do its job of removing the moisture from your air compressor system.