Air compressor attachments may not sound like the obvious way to fulfil your New Year’s resolutions, but as 2012 progresses they could prove to do just that for craftsmen.

If you work in a creative trade – such as carpentry or metalwork – you could find air compressor attachments to be a valuable replacement for battery-powered tools.

Air compressors can deliver high-energy bursts of compressed air, which in turn can drive a range of different types of powertool.

Equip yourself with those you need for your chosen trade, and you could soon be creating pieces with greater precision, faster and easier.

Our selection of air tools includes everything you’d expect to see in a normal toolbox – screwdrivers, drills, even air hammers.

If you need to cut, we can supply grinders and air saws, while sanders and spray guns help you to polish or coat your product to an attractive finish.

Just as air tools can help you to build your business, you can also build your toolbox over time.

Invest in the right air compressor to begin with, and the essential air compressor attachments to cover your basic needs.

After that, you can add more air tools to your arsenal as and when you have the funds available, or when you discover you need them.