An essential part for an air compressor is the air gauge. Most air compressors require two air gauges, one to show air pressure in the compressor tank and the other to indicate the pressure setting of the downstream application. They are relatively inexpensive but very important to the running of an air compressor. The range of pressure on a standard air gauge is from zero to 200 PSI. Air compressors with a different pressure range simply show the required pressure range for that particular compressor.

If an air gauge breaks on your compressor it is vital that it is replaced as soon as possible. It is important that all downstream tools and applications receive the correct pressure for operation. If the gauge measuring the pressure in the compressor tank breaks you will be unable to see the cut out or cut in levels of pressure and therefore you will not know when to change a pressure switch.

The most common way in which an air gauge is plumbed into the air compressor is by a male threaded fitting on the back or bottom of the gauge. When searching for a replacement gauge, take the original with you to ensure that you purchase one with the correct mounting thread and pressure range.