When it comes to installing an air compressor it is worth planning where it will be located for several different reasons such as ensuring that the running of the air compressor is as efficient as possible, any future problems are prevented and therefore keeping down the cost of operation and maintenance costs.

Air compressors are generally a very loud piece of equipment so it is important to try and decrease noise levels as much as possible. The simplest approach to this issue is to invest in a silent air compressor. Or, if this is not an option then an insulated wall should be built to encase the air compressor within its own room. Just make sure that you build a space large enough to be able to move around in when doing maintenance checks on the air compressor! The doors should always remain locked to prevent just anyone walking in. The doors must be made wide enough to be able to manoeuvre large parts or even the entire compressor in and out.

The room should be in an area of the building that is as cool as possible because air compression generates heat so there is no point in using air that is already heated. The heat that is produced can be used to heat the rest of the building.