The installation of an air compressor can be done in a variety of ways to suit the client. To give you some more information on this subject, the following is a typical installation of air compressor equipment:

The air compressor productes air by converting power into compressed air which is the end product. The compressor outlet is generally extremely hot and it needs to cool down before being used. An after cooler is used to take care of this process.

A typical rotary screw air compressor contains an integrated oil cooler and after cooler which is combined to make one unit. Any compressed air is contained within an air receiver and this allows for fluctuations in its usage. Moisture is extracted from the air by using a drain and pre-filter. The refigeration dryer then cools the air more in order to condensate the moisture and remove it. The dewpoint can be reduced to an impressive 3 degrees C.

The micronic filter starts operating at the end of the filtration process to remove contaminates. The air will now be clean and dry and can be used safely.