It is important to keep your air compressor in good condition to make it run efficiently and prolong its life. Reading the manual that comes with your air compressor is a good place to start. This will include essential maintenance advice to keep that particular machine in good working condition.

Drain any moisture from the tanks that builds up from the air compression as it can cause damage to the air compressor. The build up of dirt and dust can also cause problems on certain elements of the machine and make it work harder than necessary. Eventually the compressor will cease to operate from because of the pressure caused. Make sure that the intake vents, filters, separator element and heat exchangers are regularly cleaned or changed; whatever is appropriate. The hoses are susceptible to cracking and corrosion so check for leaks as this wastes energy as well as puts other components under stress. The fuel tank will also require cleaning annually to remove any residual build up from the fuel.

Continuous vibrations when the air compressor is running will inevitably loosen fastenings so tighten these up frequently. If you air compressor has a built-in emergency shutdown system to prevent it overheating or if the oil supply is low, then test it to make sure it still works. Check and top-up the oil and change the whole supply every 500 to 1000 hours.

By undertaking these checks regularly will save you time and money in the long run. Your air compressor will run more efficiently and cost-effectively.