Air compressors are one of the most in demand types of machinery in the UK. Compressed air systems are used in practically every industry, for a variety of different reasons. Different air compressors are designed to be either used in the home or for industrial purposes. Of course, industrial air compressors are much more powerful, reliable and efficient compared to their home-use counterparts.

Most air compressors are made up of two main parts; the blowing unit and the storage and dispenser unit. This type of air compressor has been developed to be more energy efficient than older designs. Any unused air that is left in the storage unit can remain there for future use, making them suitable for use over long periods of time.

Different models of industrial air compressors also vary in the amount of horse power they provide, which affects how much the air compressor can be used. The higher the horse power, the higher the cost of the air compressor.

Make sure your model of air compressor meets the necessary safety regulation by checking the certification before purchasing it. Do your research when it comes to choosing a new air compressor model to make sure you get the most appropriate compressed air system for your needs.