While it is easy to think of air compressors as solely featuring in large-scale industrial installations, an article in Outdoor Life stresses the importance of an air compressor pump as an essential piece of kit for off-roaders.

Peter B Mathiesen writes that he is always surprised by the number of trail riders who head out into the wilderness without the necessary equipment to perform a tyre repair.

To be prepared, he recommends investing in an air compressor pump and a tyre repair kit – and adds that the temporary repair kits some drivers invest in can prove to be a false economy.

“Although cans of compressed sealant may be tempting to try, the stuff can make a permanent repair more difficult and expensive,” he explains.

Rather than risk filling a tyre with temporary sealant and face a more expensive professional repair job as a result, off-roaders – and particularly professional rallying teams – could find a permanent repair kit to be a better option.

In this instance, Mr Mathiesen writes that an air compressor can help doubly – first by helping to identify the location of the puncture and, once the hole is sealed, by re-inflating the tyre.