Air compressor pumps come in all sorts of different sizes, with different horsepower, pressure and air volume stored within.

So what should you choose if you need a little extra energy for use in a larger or more intensive project?

It’s not purely a case of more power – although increasing the horsepower of your air compressor pump will alter the total volume of air it can supply.

Similarly, units that can contain air at higher pressure store more energy, and can release that power in a concentrated jet when it is needed.

For projects with particularly high demand, though, consider a three-phase air compressor pump.

These need a three-phase power supply, but deliver a much more stable supply of compressed air when in use.

On top of that, they can also prove to be better value for money in the long run, if you are likely to use them again and again.

Cast iron cylinders and relatively slow running help to increase the usable lifespan of the air compressor, effectively reducing the total cost of ownership as there should be less need for service, repair or replacement.

Overall, you could find the cost saving nears that of single-phase air compressor pumps, but with a much longer life and much more stable output.