Air compressor pumps can help to keep tyres safe during the winter months, when weather conditions pose new risks.

Road safety campaigning group TyreSafe explains that ordinary tyres harden when temperatures drop below seven degrees C – as they usually do throughout the period from October to March.

Fitting winter tyres, which are manufactured from a different rubber compound, can help to overcome the grip problems caused by the hardening of the tread, but can have implications for insurance coverage.

Motorists and fleet operators who do not want to have to deal with their insurers on the policy impacts of fitting winter tyres can instead use air compressor pumps to keep their year-round tyres in optimal condition.

TyreSafe suggests checking tyre pressures monthly, and again before any long journeys, as well as looking for any bulges and splits in the tyre wall.

For organisations with a sizeable fleet of vehicles to maintain – particularly those which need to remain mobile through the harshest parts of the winter to come – air compressor pumps are an ideal way to automate pressure checks and ensure tyres are at their best.