With weather warnings in place across the UK several times in recent weeks, and coverage of widespread flooding on the national news, the importance of air compressor pumps for a whole range of purposes during a crisis cannot be overstressed.

Air compressor pumps can, of course, be used to power floodwater pumps, helping to lower water levels and return dirty water to the river or other source from which it has escaped.

But air compressors can also be used as a source of energy in areas where, perhaps due to the presence of standing water or downed power lines nearby, mains electricity is unavailable.

This has the added advantage of allowing work to continue around the clock, accelerating the pace of recovery without endangering the individuals carrying out the work.

Finally, air compressors whose output is free from particulates and other contaminants can be used to provide a supply of clean air for breathing apparatus.

In the worst of situations, where flooding and other heavy weather has affected premises where hazardous materials are stored, this can be an essential safety precaution, allowing the cleanup to begin as soon as the worst of the weather has passed.