One of the principle components in any air compressor is the pump, and over years of development, two main types of pump have evolved. The simpler, but more reliable type of pump is known as the oil lubed pump. This type of pump has proven itself again and again over the years, since it is highly durable, reliable and long-lasting. The only drawback of the oil lubed pump is that the pressurised air that it produces is sometimes not of the best and cleanest quality, which may make the oil lubed pump inappropriate for more technical and exacting applications where extra-clean pressurised air is required.

By contrast, the other type of pump available for air compresssors is known as the oil-less pump. This type of air compressor pump involves a higher level of technical sophistication in order to overcome the lack of lubrication system within the component. However, it can have several drawbacks; it may well be more expensive, it may make a louder noise than an oil lubed pump – and it may last for less time than an oiled lube pump; in its favour, though, the air produced is of better quality.