With any frequently used industrial air compressor, there will come a time when a replacement part will be required. Some air compressor parts are more likely to need replacing than others so knowing what these parts are will make it easier to track them down when the time comes.

First things first; you need to find out what air compressor model you work with in order to purchase the correct air compressor part. If you are unsure, check the manufacturer handbook that came with the air compressor. As a general rule, air compressors require air compressor spare parts which have been produced by that specific manufacturer. However, air compressor parts by manufacturers such as Ingersoll Rand are interchangeable in various machines.

The hose is the air compressor part which most commonly needs to be replaced. The hose is where the compressed air exits the machines. The hose leads from the main compressed air tank. The hose will need to be replaced if the outer lining begins to tear. The level will also be one of the air compressor parts to require that is most likely to need a new one. The level forces air out of the spout when it is pressed down. If the handle becomes difficult to press down, try applying oil to it. If this does not work, it may need to be replaced.