Air compressors are a “priority group” in the development of the Ecodesign Directive 2009/125/EC, reports BCAS.

BCAS – the British Compressed Air Society – is the UK’s only trade association for manufacturers, distributors and users of air compressors, vacuum pumps and similar equipment, and is involved as a stakeholder in helping to set policies that “foster environmental and energy-efficient products in the internal market”.

This process began in 2009 with the Ecodesign Working Plan, and is continuing with preparatory studies of the air compressor market, and how viable, feasible and effective the measures outlined in the Ecodesign Directive might be in the future.

Introducing such legislation is a long process, and four years on, the first Stakeholder Meeting is only just taking place, at the DIAMANT Building in Brussels on March 14th.

The agenda consist of four main tasks – establishing a clear product definition; outlining the economics and market size for air compressors; assessing infrastructure and existing consumer behaviour; and analysing existing available products.

Following that, a discussion process will evaluate any other key issues, and set out the tasks that will constitute the next stage in the development process.