Air compressors will be helping many communities to celebrate Christmas in style, even if the much-anticipated snows do not reach the UK this year.

Recent days have seen unusual weather patterns for the time of year, with the UK enjoying temperatures around double figures in Celsius, while parts of Africa have seen snow – including, for the first time in over 110 years, Cairo.

But Brits have no need to envy their more southerly neighbours, as air compressors mean there is never a need to go completely without snow.

Instead, snow cannons will be blasting a dusting of the white stuff in locations nationwide, as local authorities and private entertainment organisers alike ensure the season is as jolly as possible for their residents and customers.

This is a slightly more light-hearted use for air compressors than we often report about, but with most people’s thoughts turning to the holidays, it’s one that’s worth pointing out.

And with snow needed wherever events are taking place – regardless of their proximity to other power supplies – the flexibility of portable air compressors is especially crucial to help inject a little joy and goodwill into the festive season