Air compressors are among the first equipment installed at a newly completed powerhouse at the Airbus A320 Final Assembly Line in Mobile, Alabama.

This is the company’s first manufacturing base in the USA, and its new powerhouse has now been unveiled by Honeywell Building Solutions, who built the structure and will operate it.

Housed inside the building are the utilities needed to serve an entire Airbus campus, with heating, cooling and electricity, chilled and drinking water, air compressors and sewage handling.

Together, these essential services mean Airbus can not only provide employees with the utilities they need; it also allows the company to carefully control humidity levels in a location that frequently becomes muggy.

Ulrich Weber, vice-president of Final Assembly Line USA at Airbus, said: “This is a world-class facility worthy of a world-class aircraft manufacturing site.

“It’s exciting to have reached this milestone in establishing the A320 assembly line in Mobile.”

The news highlights how compressed air can be an integral and essential component in a new industrial facility, allowing the building’s occupants to carefully control their working environment.