Air compressors are already used for spraying a wide variety of liquids, many of which have applications in agricultural industries.

But a newly developed all-natural antifreeze formulation could soon allow air compressors to be used to render plants frost-proof.

The recipe, according to University of Alabama professor David Francko, contains “either human food ingredients or [components] used in the human food production chain”.

Yet, once sprayed on to plants, it enhances their natural antifreeze capabilities to a degree comparable with moving them to a climate 200 miles further south.

The discovery is one more example of how sprays can have beneficial effects for agriculture beyond the classic applications of feeding and insecticide.

What’s more, the all-natural formulation could mean the frost-proof spray is suitable for organic farming methods.

For agricultural applications on all scales – from semi-professional vegetable gardens to extensive arable farms – there are air compressors suitable for use in powering plant sprays.

Compact, portable air compressors are ideal for smaller plots, while larger, more powerful alternatives are available for permanent or semi-permanent installation.