The winter brings with it the traditional ski season – there’s just one other thing needed, and that’s snow, which air compressors are helping to provide more economically than in years gone by.

An article in the New Hampshire Union Leader explains how ski resorts in the area are quick to turn on their snow cannons when a cold spell sets in, even if the weather itself does not bring natural snow.

Covering an entire slope with artificially produced snow can be costly, but modern technology is helping to make it more economical to do so – and air compressors play a part in achieving this.

Kathleen Baglio Humphreys writes that one resort at Crotched Mountain has 126 snow guns equipped with onboard air compressors, along with 26 smaller mobile guns.

Mountain manager Lonni Shumate told her: “The technology has changed toward more air-lift systems, which are more economical and easier to get going.

“It’s eco-friendly and we are not using as much energy and fuel as with the older systems.”

With compressed air as the delivery mechanism, it seems whatever the weather this winter, there will be plenty of skiing action around the world for winter sports enthusiasts to enjoy.