The very best air compressors can help the UK glass industry to improve its green credentials, and bring it in line with better-performing sectors in Europe.

According to figures from Recycle Now, Switzerland and Finland are among the best performers, with over 90% of their glass recycled each year.

In the UK that figure is only around 50%, and the hospitality sector sends more than 200,000 tonnes of glass to landfill every year.

With household glass collection, the UK is raising its game, not only on bottles but also other containers, such as empty glass jars.

As Recycle Now points out, glass can be recycled 100% over and over again – there should be no need for it to ever end up in landfill.

But part of the reprocessing procedure is to mould it into new shapes, which may be achieved by blowing it into a mould.

Energy efficient air compressors can do this in an eco-conscious way, helping the industry to go green, while countering the unavoidable energy consumption in parts of the process such as melting and cleaning the recycled glass.

recycled glass bottles