The air compressors in a new Vienna building are keeping its occupants in hot water – but not in the disastrous sense of the phrase.

Technology company Hoerbiger hired building technical solutions specialists Caverion to install HVAC and sanitation systems throughout their new central Austrian premises.

Across the €6 million project – which is already underway, and is due for an expected completion date in spring 2016 – a number of environmentally friendly measures have been introduced, including the recovery of excess heat from the building’s air compressors.

“The air compressors will be used to heat rooms and drinking water,” Caverion said.

“Air will circulate through around 30 supply and return air systems featuring sustainable, high-performance heat recovery units and exhaust air moisturising to make use of evaporation cooling.”

In total, the heating output of the building’s systems will be about 2,000 kW, powered by a gas-fired boiler plant.

Some 23,700 sq m of floor space will be created throughout the new complex, providing Hoerbiger with a campus-like facility for admin work, research, development and production.