Air compressors are likely to be an increasingly important part of the uninterruptible power supplies of the future, according to Pike Research.

The analyst says there are several innovations that will appear in next-generation UPS systems, allowing them to provide reliable power when the mains supply is interrupted.

Air compressors are one component that could help towards this, as compressed air appears alongside electrical batteries as a source of backup power.

“Next-generation UPS systems will combine several key features, including a built-in energy storage source such as batteries, flywheels, or compressed air,” Pike Research predicts.

Vice-president of research Bob Gohn adds that systems that can switch between different methods of providing power can help to lower energy costs in the long term.

The predictions are another example of how air compressors are playing an increasing role in providing power of all kinds.

However, they also remain as a way of harnessing the power of compressed air to deliver bursts of high energy for use in power tools, spraying applications and for a host of other purposes.