As winter gives way to spring, it’s time to check on your air compressors’ operating temperatures to identify any that are running unusually hot – a sign of needing some maintenance, and also of wasted energy and inefficiency. While you might normally wait until spring or even early summer to do this, the unusually warm start to 2019 means there really is no time like the present to carry out some seasonal checks and thermal maintenance on your air compressor pumps, parts and air lines.

On Monday February 25th, Met Office meteorologist Aidan McGivern tweeted that temperatures in the UK had hit 20.3C – the first time in recorded history that a temperature over 20C has been recorded during meteorological winter. This is likely to mean that any inefficient air compressors are running considerably warmer than they normally would for the time of year, so it’s worth taking a look and attempting to diagnose the problem with any excessively hot air compressors.

What to look for in a broken air compressor:
Usual suspects when it comes to finding the problem include:

Poor ventilation around the air compressor, especially in enclosed spaces.
Poor lubrication or the wrong sort of lubricant in oil-filled air compressors.
Clogged air compressor filters and a general need for a clean and tune-up.
You may also simply be running an old air compressor that’s past its useful life span or trying to run too many air tools and other equipment from an air compressor that lacks the capacity to power them all at once.

How can Ace Compressors help?
Once you feel confident that you have located the problem, we have a good supply of air compressor spare parts to help you get back up and running, as well as replacement air compressor pumps and new air compressor filters, all of which can restore those crucial extra percentage points of efficiency to old air compressors.

Get it done now and you’ll be set for spring and summer, helping to keep your old air compressors running a few degrees cooler whatever the weather brings in 2019, and hopefully avoiding any costly downtime on the warmest summer days as a result. Get in touch with the team at ACE Compressors today to make sure your air compressor is running on point.