Atlas Copco air compressors are helping to improve bottling efficiency and sustainability at Accolade Wines’ plant in Avonmouth, Bristol.

The filling operations that take place at the plant rely heavily on air compressors, in particular two Atlas Copco ZR90 oil-free rotary screw air compressors cooled by water, and a fixed-speed ZR75 model.

By recovering the heat from the Atlas Copco air compressors, it can be used elsewhere on the plant, to heat water used in sterilising the bulk storage tanks and product lines.

“It was designed from the outset to minimise energy usage by employing the best available techniques,” Accolade’s utilities and process engineering manager Julian Rainbow says of the system.

Typical operating conditions allow 90-95% of the electrical energy used to power the air compressors to be recovered as heat; however, the ZR series has been certified as being able to recover 100%.

In order to do so, the working pressure must be 10 bar(e), the cooling water at 20 degrees Celsius, the ambient air at 40 degrees Celsius and the intake air at 70% humidity.