A pair of Atlas Copco air compressors have been carrying out relatively high-profile work in recent weeks, during upgrades to the Tottenham Court Road station on the London Underground.

Work below ground poses its own challenges, including accessibility to the site for machinery, and the availability of a power source.

But while Atlas Copco air compressors can provide a portable power source wherever it is needed, in this instance the equipment is particularly well suited to the task.

That is because a major part of the project has involved spraying the insides of the surrounding tunnels with a lining of concrete.

Compressed air – which must be free from contaminants – is used to deliver fibre-reinforced concrete to both the overhead curved surfaces of the tunnels, and to the vertical walls.

In this way, large volumes can be applied in a relatively short period of time, and both splashback and waste are reduced.

The air compressors have also been put to the more common use of delivering compressed air for chipping and drilling tools.

Once their current task is completed, they are due to be relocated, in order to carry out further work on a separate upgrade project at London Victoria station.