Atlas Copco GA 75+ and GA 75 VSD oil-injected rotary screw air compressors and ZT 75 oil-free compressors have helped one company to cut their energy costs and consumption by an average of 35%.

Thai Summit Group, a Thailand-based auto parts manufacturer, has installed a total of 30 Atlas Copco air compressors across its estate.

Each is capable of dynamically adjusting its motor speed, saving energy when demand for the air supply is lower, but still offering sufficient output pressure when demand peaks.

By doing so, an average of 35% is saved on energy costs and consumption – two of the key factors taken into account by Thai Summit Group when selecting new equipment.

Director of manufacturing Dr Chatkaew Hart-Rawung says: “We consider a lot of factors, such as energy efficiency, maintenance, investment cost and aftersales service, during the selection process of our preferred supplier.”

The Copco air compressors are now being used to power the company’s painting processes, delivering a high finish standard and good levels of reliability, with a comparatively low total cost of ownership and eco-friendly energy consumption.