Atlas Copco have stressed that not all compressed air is the same – and that their GA18 air compressor is one model that is suitable for applications where good-quality air is not just preferable, but essential.

The company explains that dryness and cleanliness can vary in different air compressors, but the GA18 offers good performance on both measures, for situations where dry, clean air is essential.

One example from Salzburg, Austria, is MoldTech, an Atlas Copco customer and supplier of systems and contract manufacturing primarily to the automotive industry.

MoldTech create prototypes, and that means using compressed-air tools ranging from air guns to lathes.

Gunter Muhlbacher, managing director of MoldTech, says: “It is cleanliness and dryness that are the defining components of our air supply.

“Due to the varying needs of our production, we have naturally chosen a variable speed-controlled compressor because of its effectiveness and cost efficiency.”

The Atlas Copco GA 18 VSD FF continuously adjusts to accommodate rising and falling demand in the air supply, leading to overall energy savings at an average of 35%.