Atlas Copco’s modern approach to telling customers the details of their air compressors is convenient for clients and good for the environment, the company says.

The newly launched GA 30-90 kW air compressor range is the subject of the first Atlas Copco iLeaflet, a virtual leaflet that can be installed on iPads, Android tablets and PCs.

By loading the application, customers can see all-around graphics of their chosen air compressor, with interactive pop-out information to let them know the technical specifications.

However, it is not just customer convenience that makes the iLeaflet an important step forward in Atlas Copco’s product information, as the company’s industrial air business line manager, Paul Clark, explains.

“[The iLeaflet] is not only convenient, but also lessens our environmental impact by reducing the number of traditional printed brochures we need to use,” he says.

“The use of handheld devices and tablets is increasing and this is just the first of a suite of interactive iLeaflets to be launched.”

As the library of documentation grows, Atlas Copco and their resellers will have a comprehensive range of interactive product information, making it easier than ever for end-customers to choose the right air compressor for their needs.