An upcoming Institute of Mechanical Engineers seminar places Atlas Copco parts alongside other technological advances as means of cutting fuel costs in the current high-wholesale-price environment.

The one-day seminar, scheduled for September 27th, is entitled ‘Making the energy crisis work for you: Reducing fuel costs in processing’ and Atlas Copco parts will be discussed by Atlas Copco sales engineer Peter Lattaway, who is due to speak at 14:05.

His contribution will address several areas of compressed air efficiency, including air quality treatment and pressure control, distribution and efficient generation of compressed air.

Alongside Mr Lattaway will be an itinerary ranging from biofuels to effective reuse of waste heat, as a panel of speakers demonstrate how to improve process thermal efficiency by 80%, and how to convert one fifth of waste heat into electrical energy.

Together, their proposed measures can repay their own investment in as little as 2.5 years, thanks to the reduced expenditure on fuel that they unlock.

For those unable to attend the seminar in person, there are plenty of highly efficient Atlas Copco air compressors that can make a good start on saving on energy costs, even without any other investments – making the company’s catalogue worth a look in its own right.