With large amounts of energy in a confined space, as well as moving parts, it is no surprise that some air compressor parts get hot during use – and there is no reason why that heat should go unused.

Atlas Copco have developed a Thermo Kit designed to reclaim this excess heat, using it to produce hot water that can then be supplied to central heating systems.

The company estimates that, for one of its GA45+ air compressors for example, the recovered heat could save a typical user £2,331 on their annual gas bill.

Ultimately, up to 94% of the electrical energy used by an air compressor ends up as heat, and this makes for good potential to recover that energy.

Atlas Copco say with their Thermo Kit, between 50% and 94% of this heat can be recovered from the hot air compressor parts and transferred into a water storage tank for use.

Ken Revell, sales manager for the company’s Industrial Air division (South), said: “The potential of compressor energy recovery, whereby excess heat produced by an active air compressor is captured in the form of hot water, is well proven and in a period of high energy prices and environmental concern, this cannot be underestimated.”