Bambi Air Compressors have stressed their commitment to their customers with the addition of a new and extremely experienced member to their team.

The “new arrival” is David Sim, who joins Bambi Air Compressors as their Southern Area Manager, with three decades of experience already under his belt.

Mr Sim’s career in compressed air dates back to 1986, when he began servicing vane, piston and screw air compressors, the beginning of a long and successful presence in the sector.

He later moved into working in the dental industry, installing sterilisers and suction pumps, as well as the air compressors that power them.

Bambi Air Compressors said: “His wealth of experience underline our commitment to supporting our customers and dealer network in the UK.”

Mr Sim’s knowledge of dental air compressors in particular could prove to be advantageous during the next phase of his career.

That is because Bambi Air Compressors specialise in equipment for the medical and dental trade, including silent air compressors for use indoors in confined spaces.

Examples of these include the Bambi MD range of medical and dental air compressors, in stationary and wheel-mounted designs, which deliver controlled amounts of compressed air silently.

The Bambi HT range of oil-free air compressors delivers high-quality clean air for demanding applications like autoclaving, door controls and scientific instruments.

And the Bambi VT Professional Oil-Free air compressors range provides the highest possible quality – clean, oil-free air for dentistry, hospital ventilators and food packaging, with low maintenance required on the air compressor itself.

With these three ranges, Bambi Air Compressors meet a broad variety of customer needs, including demand for high-quality clean air for hygiene-critical niche applications.

Mr Sim’s appointment to the Southern area now means he can bring his wealth of expertise to the Bambi product range, providing crucial support to the company’s partners and customers alike.