Silent air compressors have applications in any setting where the noise level of an air compressor is a concern – for example in confined spaces, or in certain public-facing disciplines that use compressed air.

Two of the biggest examples of this are medicine and dentistry, where procedures may be carried out in small rooms in close proximity to the air compressor, and loud operating noise would be unacceptable for both the clinician and the patient alike.

‘Silent’ is a relative term – some operating noise is inevitable – but for comparison, the World Health Organization recommends maximum noise levels of:

  • 30 dB (continuous) and 45 dB (individual events) to avoid disturbing sleep
  • 45 dB background noise for normal speech to be easily intelligible
  • 50-55 dB for daytime activities not to cause annoyance

Of course the location of an air compressor and the distance from it will also have an effect on reducing its apparent sound output, but here we will look at some silent air compressors that produce so little operating noise they are suitable for indoor, up-close use.

Bambi MD Compressors

One of the best ranges of silent air compressors for medical and dental professionals is the Bambi MD product family, which has extremely low operating noise levels.

Bambi MD silent air compressors run at as little as 40 dB for the Bambi MD 35/20, which is achieved by using components like low-noise non-return valves, along with sturdy construction to reduce secondary noise from vibration.

Bambi PT/VT Compressors

Bambi PT air compressors and Bambi VT compressors both also include silenced units, this time with the benefit of being oil-free air compressors for very clean output, perfect again for medical and dental disciplines and other professions where air purity is a concern.

Bambi PT compressors run at as little as 54 dB and come in a compact size and shape, suitable for installation in tight spaces – just remember to follow any instructions regarding ventilation.

Bambi VT Professional oil-free compressors again start from a low operating noise level of just 54 dB, thanks to an acoustically insulated housing that also ensures a pleasing aesthetic when installed in a visible location.

SIP Airmate Compressors

Finally, we stock a range of silenced piston compressors by SIP. The low noise levels on SIP Airmate compressors are again achieved using an acoustic housing, this time by encasing just the pump and motor inside a noise-reducing chamber.

Silenced SIP Airmate compressors operate at 64-69 dB and can cater for large air volume requirements. They include the SIP Airmate PB3800/3M/100, a wheel mounted unit that gives you low operating noise in a silenced portable air compressor.