Air compressors that are used in industrial environments need to meet certain requirements to ensure that they are durable and robust to run effectively. Having an efficient air compressor is essential to industries such as construction, in order to maintain high productivity and profit levels.

There are certain aspects to consider when choosing an air compressor:

  • Energy type; this can be electricity, gas or natural gas
  • Horsepower
  • Tank size; this is measured in gallons
  • Flow rate; this is measured in cubic feet per minute (cfm)

If the air compressor is used as a portable piece of equipment then the importance of tank size and horsepower is less. The number of tools and cords also needs to be looked at as too many could be problematic when moving the air compressor.

When choosing an air compressor for industrial use find out which models are heavy duty and can withstand being used for long periods of time, being stopped and started frequently as well as air acceleration and deceleration. Any air compressors that are used on a construction site will also need to be able to contend with the elements as they could well be exposed to wind and rain. The last thing a worker wants is for the air compressor to fail in the middle of a job.