Are you looking to purchase a new rotary screw air compressor? Then why not go for an oil free air compressor? Rotary air compressors produce pressure by forcing air through two screws by using synchronisation gears. The air is then compressed and ready to be released as energy. Most air compressors require oil which cools or seals the gas charge chamber. As an alternative to oil, the compressor is kept cool using air or water and the gas charge is compressed by the action of the two screws.

There are certain environments where it is dangerous to use air compressors that are lubricated by oil as it is highly flammable and also unhygienic. Although oil free air compressors cannot generate as much pressure as regular air compressors, they can still produce 150 psig, with an output volume of 2000 cubic feet per minute. There are numerous industries which oil free air compressors are ideal to use in; for example, food and beverage, medical, electronics, automotive, as well as paper, paint and plastic manufacturing.