A CompAir compressor provided the reliable air flow needed for a unique band to take to the stage in London recently.

During a festival held in the capital in 2014, a three-strong robotic musical trio was among the acts on the billing.

This electro-pneumatic trio are hugely popular, with some of their videos having been viewed well over six million times online.

And in order to keep perfect time, the three robots – who perform together under the band name Compressorhead – rely on a CompAir compressor to keep the air flow coming.

Louisa O’Connor, senior project manager at DesignScene, the creative production company behind the event, said: “Without compressed air none of the robots in the band can perform, so it was vital that the compressor we used could provide a constant flow of air.”

She added that the CompAir compressor performed reliably throughout the show, “ensuring the band could entertain the tens of thousands of fans who attended the three-day festival”.

The CompAir L11 air compressor with IP55 motor was used – small enough to fit through a normal doorway, with easy installation and low operating noise, and 11kW output.