Compressed air connectors are one of the components that make up an air compressor. The connectors work alongside couplers to allow air to flow into air tools. If all of your air tools are fitted with their own compressed air connectors then it is quick and easy to change between tools.

Compressed air connectors are designed with a male NPT thread at one end. This needs to be coated with sealant to prevent air escaping as it flows between the connector and the air tool. The male NPT thread is then fitted into the female NPT hole on the air tool. The other end is designed to fit a specific brand of coupler.

There are also barbed connectors which are fitted to an air hose by the I.D. A gear clamp is then out on the outside of the air hose that is also over the internal barb. A seal is then created when the gear clamp is tightened and the pressure created on the outside of the hose will push the hose wall against the barb.