Compressed air is one of three main types of energy sources which are used for industry. The other two are hydraulic and electrical. There are many benefits to using compressed air such as it is extremely powerful, versatile, non-flammable and easy to store as well as being the cheaper option. Compressed air can be used as an energy source for a wide variety of jobs; from simple jobs such as pumping up a bicycle tyre using a hand pump to rock drilling hammers for mining work.

Air compression works by converting one energy type into another which can then be stored and used at a later time. The compressed air is then in a high pressure environment and surrounded by an area of lower pressure. The release of this pressure is what gives a surge of power to drive the machine or mechanism. Over the years we have developed knowledge on how to control this release of air to do the work for us.

Compressed air can be very dangerous so it is important to be fully trained when working with air compressors.