It may have finally happened; an automobile is being developed that can run entirely on compressed air! It’s name? The Air Motion Canyon carver by Volvo. The new model was premiered at the LA Show. The normal internal combustion engine used to run a car has been replaced with compressed air motors which are fed from a tank. In turn, these tanks are refilled by air compressors.

So, you’re question is, surely the compressor requires electricity in order to run? This has to come from somewhere. Well, yes, you would be right in thinking that and the answer to your query is that Volvo has come up with an idea of generating electricity using wind turbines which float 1000ft above the ground. You may be thinking that the world has finally gone mad, but the aim of this is to steer us away from being dependent on the use of fossil fuels.

Hopefully, this could lead to the development of cars which are much friendlier to the environment through the utilisation of compressed air. The cars have been designed to resemble motorcycles and boats in their structure and weight approximately 902 pounds. Could compressed air be the future for the car industry?