When using compressed air for manufacturing and other types of industry, it is important to maintain a constant flow of clean compressed air to tools and machinery. Any contamination in the compressed air can have a detrimental effect on equipment and, therefore, production. There are three common elements that cause compressed air to become contaminated. Solid particles from dust and rusted, oxidised pipework can lead to the failure of pneumatic equipment, element and control malfunction and contaminated end products.

Droplets of condensed water develop in the humid air which will cause oxidisation of the pipework and air tools and equipment. Last but not least, oil, which is used to lubricate many air compressors, can cause a lot of damage to the machinery and end products.

It is important to carry out compressed air treatment in order to effectively remove any solid particles, oil or water droplets from the compressed air system. There is an extensive range of different compressed air filters to choose from for efficient air treatment, to ensure that your air compressor runs to the best of its ability.