Air compressor servicing is essential when it comes to extending the life of your air compressor. Air compressors are an integral part of many operations and need to be relied upon. To ensure that your air compressor is running as efficiently as possible, it important that regular air compressor servicing is carried out.

There are certain air compressor servicing checks which are only required to be performed every six months or once a year. However, there are many elements of an air compressor that should be looked at on a daily basis. There are several basic factors to monitor each day such as wiring, pump oil level, air leaks and general cleanliness. However, there are more checks to be completed which often go neglected.

Make sure that the correct air filter is fitted or problems could occur. Different filters have different functions. Some trap dust particles based on micron size whereas other air compressor filters remove oil and water.

Air tanks need to be emptied after the air compressor has been used i.e. at the end of the working day. Condensation build-up may contain oil particles so make sure that this is disposed of properly. If air compressor tanks are not drained then the build-up of moisture could cause damage to the compressed air system. The more humid the environment is, the more frequently the air compressor tank needs to be drained. If this is not done, sludge could build up in the air compressor pump and cause premature wear.

Carrying out these daily air compressor servicing will maintain the efficiency of your air compressor and also avoid unnecessary repair costs.