Air compressors are used for a multitude of applications, many of which go unnoticed in our everyday lives. There is a whole range of different types and uses for compressed air. Air compressors range from small air pumps, which can be used to inflate tyres or balloons, to huge compressed air systems which forma major part of a manufacturing production line in a factory.

Next time you go to the dentist, take note of the equipment that is used. All dental surgeries will have a dental air compressor system which gives a constant supply of clean compressed air to be used for various dental tools and applications. Whether it is cleaning, maintaining or operating on a patient’s teeth, compressed air is often an integral part of the process. One of the most recognised dental air compressor tools is the one which removes saliva from the mouth. Operating would be impossible without it.

Compressed air is still extremely vital to how many things in our lives work and we would be pretty lost without. It is easy to forget how important the air around us is and how it can be manipulated to generate very powerful energy.