Variable speed compressors offer good economy, as their output can be adjusted as needed, making them a budget-friendly option.

But an article in For Construction Pros recently suggested looking for less conventional air compressors as a way of saving even more money.

For instance, some variable speed compressors operate using electric motors, rather than a diesel engine; others can run on natural gas.

Multiple electric motors within a single air compressor, of different sizes suitable for the compression of the air itself, and for cooling the system, can deliver improved efficiency too.

And even in diesel-powered air compressors, there are ways to improve efficiency using modern technology.

Rich Elliott, product manager for low-pressure compressors at Atlas Copco Portable Energy, told the publication: “Automatic unloader valves and speed regulators are some of the latest advancements we incorporate into our compressors, and they can have a significant impact on fuel consumption.”

With several different avenues to explore when trying to make efficiency savings, the air compressor market is better positioned than ever to help meet budgetary demands.