The fastest growing market for air compressor controls in the coming years is likely to be the fertiliser industry, according to a newly published report that looks ahead as far as 2024.

Published around the New Year, Zion Market Research’s overview of the global market for air compressor controls cites several driving forces behind the international growth in system sales.

These include greater financial strength among end-users, demand for larger air compressors, and technological innovation in some sectors.

“Growing product specifications for precarious industrial processes also enhance the global market in a positive way,” the report states. “It is widely used in few applications such as petrochemical, oil & gas, and refining.”

But the largest growth of any market segment is expected to be seen in the fertiliser industry, while oil & gas remains the overall leader in terms of market segment share.

Fertilisers are facing increased demand in their own right due to the pressures on global food production, and air compressor controls help to maximise the efficient use of energy in food production.

It is not only demand and the financial capacity of potential buyers that is helping either; sales are also boosted by the relatively easy availability of equipment worldwide.

“The efficient supply chain also enhances the buying power of the end-users, which is expected to foster the global compressor control system market growth in future,” the report explains.

Air compressor controls can have a big impact on the overall efficiency of large air compressors, but they have applications on small air compressors too.

As such, the market ranges from relatively small individual air compressors in mechanical shops, to extensive compressed air installations in large manufacturing plants.

Compressor control systems help to maximise efficiency, reducing maintenance demands, increasing uptime and reliability, and helping to meet concerns about energy consumption and environmental impact.