Used compressors can be an affordable way to add some much-needed air compressor capacity to your arsenal.

Depending on availability, you can find used compressors that come with all of the usual compressor components you can buy new – such as receivers and dryers.

However, if you are fitting used compressors, or simply giving your existing equipment the onceover to keep it functioning properly, we can help.

We can provide an air system health check to make sure your air compressor is still not only working, but doing so at a good level of efficiency.

As for installing a new or used air compressor, we can help with that, too.

Our pipework installation service is available to help you make sure everything is connected as it is supposed to be.

We can provide free estimates of the likely cost of the project – both for the materials involved, and for fitting them on your premises.

Depending on your needs, we can provide the materials on a supply-only basis, or we can complete the installation so that your air compressor is ready to use.