The global market for air compressors is set to achieve steady growth over the remainder of the decade, according to a newly published report from Companies and Markets.

According to the analyst, between 2015 and 2019, total sales of air compressors worldwide will increase by 6.18% as a compound annual growth rate.

Several of the traditional key industries are driving this trend, with air compressors commonly used in manufacturing, petroleum and chemical industries, as well as in jet engines and some other commercial businesses.

In terms of manufacturing, the Asia-Pacific region is seeing particularly strong growth at present, due to the easy availability of raw materials there, as well as the size of the local labour market.

But in Europe and North America, the focus is on quality, and many regional governments in both areas are reportedly raising standards.

This means plenty of attention given to industrial equipment including compressors, air compressor pumps and fans, and motors, to make sure they meet the desired criteria.

Companies and Markets explain: “There is a growing need to conform to energy efficiency standards and reduce emissions in industry.”