You might be surprised to see us suggesting cylinder-driven air tools that do not need a continuous supply of compressed air, but in fact they can be an excellent alternative to traditional compressed air powertools, especially in hard-to-reach corners or when you’re working out of reach of your compressed air supply line.

So what exactly are cordless air tools? In the examples below, we’re talking about nailers and screw systems that are able to work without a permanent connection to an airline.

This is possible by virtue of an onboard compressed air canister on Senco Fusion nailers, or a lithium ion battery on Senco DuraSpin screw systems.

Starting with Senco Fusion, each nailer comes equipped with Fusion technology – an aluminium drive cylinder that delivers instant power when the trigger is pulled, with no ramp-up time required.

This Reflex-Shot pneumatic delivery allows the tool to work similarly to conventional compressed air tools, with just an 18V lithium ion battery to recharge when required.

With no fuel cells to buy, this leads to savings of around £200 per year, on top of the convenience of a cordless nailer that has true pneumatic operation.

Meanwhile, although Senco DuraSpin screw systems are not air tools as such, they still deliver high torque for near-instant driving of auto-feed screws into drywall and similar surfaces.

High-torque motors deliver 2,500 rpm and can fire a magazine of 50 screws into the wall between reloads, fixing as many as 1,400 screws in total between battery charges.

Extra accessories allow for the insertion of screws into hard-to-reach positions such as internal corners, with toolless adjustment of settings like the depth of drive and the size of screw.

Senco screw guns are designed for quick and easy loading of auto-feed screw strips, with simple improvements like a slightly flared ‘landing area’ to guide the strip into the handle of the tool, and ‘fangs’ that precisely position the first screw over the drive mechanism.

Together, these fixing tools make light work of fastening all kinds of materials into place, with a choice of models to suit different jobs – just take a look at our cordless products page to find out more.