The mandatory health and safety requirements of some sectors are helping to drive sales of oil-free air compressors to new heights, according to a newly published report from Grand View Research.

In their analysis of the global market for oil-free compressors, the market insight providers point out the benefits of their clean air output in heavily regulated industries.

“Air compressors are heavily used in manufacturing applications; for instance, oil-free air is directly used in various locations as a power source for manufacturing machines,” the report states.

“A strong demand from the food and beverage sector, owing to the mandatory health and safety requirements, is expected to drive the oil-free air compressors market growth over the forecast period.”

The forecasts run to 2025, by which time Grand View Research predict the global market for oil-free compressors could be worth some $15.2 billion.

Centrifugal oil-free air compressors are earmarked for particular growth thanks to their eco credentials, which are helping many manufacturers to produce the energy they need at higher levels of efficiency, and minimise their carbon footprint at the same time.

In 2015 manufacturers accounted for the greatest demand for oil-free compressors; however, the report also predicts that the oil and gas segment, as well as home appliances, will be key growth areas due to their greater susceptibility to contamination by “even a droplet of oil”.

Portable oil-free air compressors are also on the increase, thanks to advances in more lightweight compressor technologies in recent years, and these lighter, more durable portable compressors are also predicted to take considerable market share over the coming decade.

Across the board, the cost optimisation that comes with efficient oil-free compressors, including reduced installation costs and maintenance costs, are predicted to fuel growth in sales from industries including manufacturing, where companies are looking to maximise their profitability.