SIP Compressors are ready for the fiery fury of the summer sun with their 2015 promotion The Heat Is On, spanning their full range of air compressors, air powertools and other equipment.

It’s a catalogue that collects together many of the company’s products that are perfectly suited to summer, such as cooling equipment.

But it also includes products from throughout their existing range – such as the SIP Airmate Hurricane 6 oil-free air compressor.

This is one of the most easily transportable SIP compressors, with a built-in handle that makes it very easy to carry.

At the rear, its cable storage hooks mean no trailing wires that could represent a trip hazard when relocating the compressor.

And its integrated control panel and easy-read gauge mean you should find it equally easy to get up and running once you reach your destination.

The SIP Airmate Hurricane 6 has a maximum output of 8 bar or 116 psi, and runs off a 1.1 kW 13A supply.

At a weight of 9.5 kg and a noise level of 97 dB, it’s an ideal compact option for all kinds of oil-free compressed air applications.