Have you ever actually considered the importance of compressed air in industry today? Compressed air actually accounts for 10% of all energy used in industry, across the entire world. This is a rather impressive achievement for something which had such humble beginnings. Compressed air was initially used to fan the flames of a fire to make it hot enough to smelt and forge metal ores. However, once it was acknowledged how versatile compressed air actually is it began to be used for many different applications.

Today, compressed air is used in a wide range of different industries including construction, mining, health, environmental and food. Compressed air is such a popular source of energy because it has a large number of benefits on offer. For food and health industries, the fact that compressed air is a very hygienic option makes it ideal. Compressed air is also non-flammable which makes it a safe energy solution for industries which work with explosive materials, such as oil.

Using equipment and tools which are powered by compressed air will not be affected by extreme temperatures so they will continue to run efficiently. Compressed air tools are usually much lighter in weight than electrical tools so they are easy to operate and transport around.