Air compressor installation doesn’t have to be challenging – in this article we look at some of the steps you’ll need to know when learning how to build an air compressor system complete with airline and extra components like a dryer, filter or receiver.

Air compressor installation

First of all, install your air compressor itself. Make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions, especially with respect to any clearance required around the compressor’s air intake for adequate ventilation.

Think about how you will exhaust the heat from your air compressor, as you may need to run a pipe to somewhere outside, especially when using an air compressor in an enclosed space.

Dryers, filters and receivers

Air dryers, filters and receivers can all help to improve the quality and reliability of your compressed air output.

Dryers remove condensates to reduce the humidity of your compressed air, while filters remove other particulates for a cleaner supply.

Receivers are a little different – they act as a storage tank for unused compressed air so that it does not go to waste until you are ready to use it.

Remember that some air compressors come with built-in filters and dryers, or are supplied with a receiver tank already attached, which can make it easier to build an air compressor network using them.

Airline, fixtures and fittings

Decide where to run your airline. Rigid compressed air pipes can be mounted to surfaces like the walls or ceiling, giving you a fixed-position compressed air network to plug into.

Flexible air hoses are useful for the last few metres when you need to attach compressed air powertools and other equipment temporarily or in a slightly different position.

Air compressor spare parts

If you’re not confident about installing air compressor spare parts, get an expert to do it for you instead – you’ll be glad you did when your compressor runs more efficiently and lives for longer.

ACE Compressors offer full servicing, repairs and installation, so whether you’re building an air compressor network from scratch or you need a replacement air compressor part fitting to an existing system, we can help.